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Anji worked with ethnobotanist James Wong on his Gold Medal winning Tourism Malaysia garden for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, designed in partnership with David Cubero.


Lush, wild and naturalistic planting set against urban chic, this garden was envisioned as the courtyard of a residence in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Terraces of minimalist angular hard landscaping in white Portland limestone created an ultra modern look reflecting the Malaysia of today.


The inspiration for the design was to capture the feeling of the traditional Kampung village garden. The word ‘Kampung’ in Malay has many meanings – 'wild', 'free range' and 'contact with nature'. As in a traditional garden, there are plants chosen to be useful and edible but they are not planted in any strict way, so are wild and natural looking in their growth habit.


Sourcing sustainable materials was very important. Although the garden is Malaysian, as much material as possible was sourced from within a 300 mile radius of the Chelsea showground. 


IMAGES: Amphibian Design

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