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Add a Splash of Stylish Chic To Your Outdoor Space for Spring and Summer

diabla D12 & Valentina

Outdoor living has been growing exponentially over the last few years, and the recent pandemic has elevated the importance of having private outdoor space even further.

diabla CLIP

Now Spring has sprung and the vaccination is here, things are looking up; perhaps it's time to go a little wild outside with stimulating and stylish pieces creating a personal playground.

The 75-year-old brand GANDIABLASCO has expanded its catalogue by launching a fresh new brand of outdoor furniture called DIABLA. Interestingly, they market it as "not suitable for conventional tastes," and indeed it's playful, with a tremendous sense of theatre that definitely evokes a sense of escapism.

The new ranges GRILL, LILLY, ARP, and PLISY UP are dynamic pieces that will spruce up any space with a contemporary aesthetic and extreme comfort. Diabla has also expanded most of their existing collections too. They are all super fun and made especially for outdoor spaces. Diabla's range of finishes and materials are all certified for outdoor use and manufactured in thermo-lacquered aluminium, polyethylene, phenolic, methacrylate, nautical rope and water-repellent fabrics. Colour options have also been increased; there is a new Diabla fabric with 20 different colour options.

Our furry friends can join in the fun too with the woofalicious TOUFFU pet house.

Industrial designer Charles Haupt and product designer Gerrit Giebel joined forces 18 months ago to launch furniture company NØDE. Through experimentation, aluminium was decided upon as the sole material because of its ability to be anodised, thus preventing oxidisation. This process also increases surface durability. Aluminium is waterproof, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and recyclable. It can also be dyed into the depth of the material to create vibrant metallic effects. The textured application of the surfaces on industrial-driven items is what appeals to the duo. It's an organic, humanistic approach to manufacturing. All the pieces are designed and produced by the studio and can be flat-packed for ease of transport.

The beautifully crafted collection includes a side table, bench, stool, and wall art.

Other notable pieces, seen at Design Miami this year, include Korean designer Lee Kwangho's handwoven nylon stool, and Chapel Petrassi's Hella Bench with a wonderfully sculptural, geometric, undulating form.


This article first appeared online, on Home Journal's website, on April 4, 2021.


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