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Feast For The Senses: Future Classics

La Galerie Paris 1839 FUTURE CLASSICS, presents the recent elaboration of sculpture art by POLO BOURIEAU and photographic work of VINCENT FOURNIER.

"I hope that you will enjoy the sensual experience my sculptures may offer while challenging and interrogating once again our perception and understanding of life." POLO.

POLO BOURIEAU is known for his monumental sculptures. In Future Classics, Bourieau presents a series of small sculptural works made in his workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy. Fragile yet enigmatic standing figures, strong and sensual torsos, expressive heads, and a floating island are sculpted from the rarest Spanish black marble, Iranian travertine, and Italian metamorphic stone. The pieces are carved with diamond disks, tungsten carbide burrs, and conical steel drill bits mounted on a robotic arm under Bourieu's control. They are extraordinary, fearless, and mesmerising.

"When I was a young art student in Nantes in 1983, an old master stonemason challenged me to cut a cube out of a boulder of local limestone with an axe. At the time, my hands were familiar only with pencils and models. They bled every day from wielding the 5 Kg 'taillant' against the rock. The cube never became. And I've never stopped sculpting since then. I have learned a lot since the bloody axe, and over the years, I've developed my own devices and conceptual mechanisms to my toolbox. I hope that you will enjoy the sensual experience my sculptures may offer while challenging and interrogating once again, our perception and understanding of life," POLO.

The "Future Classics" sculpture exhibition at La Galerie shows the most recent elaboration.

Fine art photographer VINCENT FOURNIER is fascinated in exploring the boundary between reality and fiction. In his photo series, Fournier reveals not only his passion for science, technology, and their mysteries but also creating and envisioning a fantasy world. Poetic and meticulous, Fournier transforms real venues into utopian like images. This exhibition presents different photographic series by Fournier, from his space exploration to humanoid robots, and from monumental architectures to the city of Brasilia.


La Galerie Paris 1839 G/F 74, Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2540 4777

Every day from 11am - 7pm 3 September - 1 November 2020

Website: Instagram: @lagaleriehk Facebook: La Galerie – Paris 1839

POLO SCULPTOR, Kwong Ga Factory Bldg 9FB 64, Victoria Road, KENNEDY TOWN, HONG KONG, +852 29741021,

IMAGE CREDIT: Nicola Gnesi

This article first appeared online, on Home Journal's website, on September 25, 2020.

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